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All Godly Amir Derakh

All about Amir.

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Amir Derakh (Davidson)

  • Born on June 20th 1963 in Schenectady, New York
  • Height: 5'9
  • Hair: Naturally dark brown; Now of course: Half bleached/half black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Fave food: Likes Indian, American and Italian, but hates tomatoes
  • Fave drinks: Merlot, Guinness Beer, Jagermeister, Smoothies, Green Tea, and Mountain Dew
  • Fave show: South Park
  • Fave bands: Squarepusher, Depeche Mode, Love and Rockets, Diesel Boy, Ratt, Placebo, Massive Attack
  • Clothes/Make-up/Shoes: Gucci, DK, Raf Simons, Dirk Bikkembergs, Lip Service, Costume National, Goodwill, Hugo Boss, JPG., Creepers and Cool Shoes, MAC, Urban Decay, Make-Up Forever
  • Piercings/Tatoos: Both ears are pierced; Has an angels wing between his shoulder blades with his son's name on it
  • Family: Parents- Ed and Nancy Davidson; Son- Michael Melody Davidson
  • Past Bands: Rough Cutt and Jailhouse
  • Nationality: 1/2 Iranian, 1/4 Irish, Austrian, Hungarian, & Russian
  • Fave song to perform live: Gender
  • Status: Single at the moment :)!!
  • * Engineered coal chamber's 1997 self titled cd
  • * Received his producing/ engineering certificate from UCLA
  • He plays the G Synth for Orgy; uses Parker and Roland guitars.
  • Few artists can lay claim to the fact that they've spent more than two decades surviving in the ever-changing world of popular music. But then again, the word artist doesn't aptly describe the work of Amir Derakh, a highly successful guitarist, songwriter and producer whose musical roots date back to the early 80s Los Angeles Metal scene.

    Derakh, best known for his groundbreaking guitar synth work as a member of the platinum selling electro rock outfit Orgy, has been spending most of his time lately behind-the-scenes. He recently wrapped up production on “Radioactivist,” the debut album by the Sacramento thrash punk quartet Red Tape, which is due out on Roadrunner Records in early 2004; and produced a track on the Gold-selling soundtrack album to “Freaky Friday,” the blockbuster summer movie in which Derakh also had a cameo appearance.

    In January 2004, Derakh was named one of 75 “Masters of Metal and Hard Rock” by Guitar Player magazine for his combined fret and synth work in Orgy, which, according to the magazine, revolutionized the sound of late nineties hard rock and metal and spawned dozens of imitators.

    However, what is virtually unknown about Derakh's artistic wizardry is his technical and inventive skills designing customized guitars: axes that produce a certain type of sound for guitarists seeking something different. One such guitar, a black and red Jackson “Disrupter,” a futuristic looking instrument designed and conceived by Derakh that produced the patches of twisted synth and heavy crunching sounds on Orgy's “Vapor Transmission,” is showcased in the Hard Rock Café's top 10 pieces of rock memorabilia. Capitalizing off of his own, exclusive guitar work that helped make Orgy a success, Derakh teamed up with Yamaha in January 2003 to design a signature six-string electric guitar, the AES-AD6, which features a longer neck than a typical electric guitar, advantageous for the instrument to be tuned low. When played, the guitar delivers an explosive tone and an aggressive, edgy, electronic induced, hard rock sound sought after by many of today's younger musicians. Derakh also designed a second custom seven-string guitar, the AES-RS7, for Ryan Shuck, the other guitarist in Orgy, with features similar to the six-string. Derakh said the guitars he designs are also unique visually, adding to the instrument's mystique and complimenting its one-of-a-kind sound. Right now, Derakh said he's creating “my most radically designed guitar yet” with Yamaha, details of which are still under wraps.

    In an interview with the magazine Guitar Player, Derakh explained how he got his guitar to produce the crunchy guitar and synthesizer sound that helped Orgy score a top 20 hit with their interpretation of the New Order classic “Blue Monday.”

    "Our sound is a sound that an outside producer or engineer couldn't give us because it's tied to our personal visions," Derakh said. "We use so many combinations of pedals, amps, and effects in the studio that we have to write down every tone formula to even come close to the record live,” says Derakh. One formula the guitarists used on Vapor Transmission was splitting their signals. One half fed a miked Marshall JCM 800 and 4x12 Celestion Greenback-loaded cab, and the other went into a Boss Hyper Fuzz plugged directly into the board. The result was a cranium-crushing sound-- thick with midrange and bass, but with an almost static sounding, alien treble frequency.

Been to an Orgy concert?

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Upcoming Shows

None. As far as I know. Last thing Amir did was ReAct Now with Chester Bennington and Ryan Shuck.

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